Voter Fraud

Rigged Elections

In recent years voter fraud is a reality, apparently it's part of the Democratic party initiative to "fundamentally transform America" with or without the peoples consent. Damn democracy full speed ahead !.

The lame stream Media, had they been performing their journalistic duties, woulda coulda and shoulda been vigorously exposing it - alas, we don't have many true journalists in Modern America. We are infested with a plague of heavily indoctrinated propagandists. but true journalists .....

The Case of Melowese Richardson

Melowese Richardson of Cincinnati was an Ohio Poll worker and a rabid Obama supporter, she boasted to a local television station that she had voted twice in the 2012 election for Obama and Biden. She states that she cast an absentee ballot and then voted again at the polls.

"Yes, I voted twice,..... after registering thousands of people, certainly wanted my vote to count, so I voted. I voted at the polls [also]."

Authorities believe she actually voted 6 - 8 times using other peoples names. She is one of about 20 people investigated for illegal voting by the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Ohio is just one of 50 states [54 as per Barrack Obama] Hamilton County is just one of Ohios 88 counties.

There is no indication that voter fraud in the other 87 counties was any less zealous - but there is every indication that it was phenomenally lop sided almost every single instance of voter fraud has been perpetrated by or in support of the Democratic Party.

As per Ohio Secretary of State John Husted "It appears she not only attempted to vote more than once, but was actually successful at it and having those additional votes counted .... She appears to have used her position as a poll worker to cover her tracks."

A number of other absentee ballots in the names of various people were submitted to the Board of Elections from her address, the handwriting on those ballots is similar and that they were all received the same day that Richardson's absentee ballot arrived. Ms Richardson was eventually charged with 8 counts of voter fraud. She manipulated election results in the 2012 election as well as in 2008 and 2011. A plea deal led to many of the charges being dismissed and she was sentenced to 5 years but only served 8 months before being released. [ 1 ]

Case of Sister Margueritte Kloos

In a similar case, also in Ohio Sister Margueritte Kloos, the dean of a Cincinnati college was charged with voting in the name of at least one her fellow nuns who had passed away. Who she voted for was never revealed - but she is a registered Democrat .... Hmmm ... [2]

Buying Votes

Crossing over State Lines into Kentucky we have Larry Perkins a Magoffin Kentucky resident. Perkins saw a retarded neighbor Simon Marshall bopping down the road with a crisp $50 bill.

Knowing that welfare checks would not be distributed for another 2 weeks and that Mr. Marshall was unemployed, unemployable and severely intellectually challenged, Perkins approached him and inquired as to where he got the $50.

Marshall joyfully replied, It is Election Day and suggested that his neighbor should go get his $50 too. It appears the Democrats were buying votes at $50 a pop.

Perkins set the ball in motion - a investigation ensued and eventually the court threw out the election results citing evidence that people sold their votes as well as numerous other violations of election rules, including a lack of required and pertinent information on applications for absentee ballots. In addition, as required by law - there was also no Republican election commissioner present, he had arrived late and the Democrats hurriedly pushed through a slew of questionable ballots before he even arrived. [3 ]

Skipping over a few states to the deep South, a small town in Louisiana - Turkey Creek to be exact, Mayor Heather Cloud was voted out of office by only four votes. It was later revealed, however, that a campaign employee had paid $15 each to mentally impaired people in exchange for their promise to vote for her opponent. The campaign employee eventually plead guilty to illegal electioneering. [5].

Bullying and Coercion of Seniors

In Perth Amboy, N.J. the Democratic Party chairwoman Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez, who also worked at a Nursing Home coerced elderly residents into casting votes for her husband - Fernando Gonzales another Democrat who was running for the City Council. Gonzales won his seat on the Perth Amboy City Council by only 10 votes.

A judge later found that his wife, Democratic Chairwoman Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez, took advantage of nursing home residents, dementia victims and even a blind man. At the trial, some of the more sentient seniors testified that they could not recall voting - the assumption being that their votes were also falsified. The Superior Court judge threw out the November election results for the City Council seat. The Democratic District Attorney declined to prosecute ... Hmmm . [4]

Rigged Voting Machines and Stuffing Ballot Boxes

In the 2014 elections, In Maryland and Illinois, voting machines were switching votes from Republican to Democrat, raising allegations of fraud for the so-called "malfunction".

Apparently the machines never switched a Democratic vote to a Republican - It just switched Republican Votes to Democratic.

These same machines were used in multiple state, county, and Federal elections nationwide, they were only caught in 3 States and apparently most likely got away with it in many others - that's a damn convenient "malfunction". [ 6 ]

In Arizona, where the rigged machines were not in use, a Democratic Operative was caught on camera stuffing hundreds of ballots into a ballot box. The man was wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt which is a left-leaning group. [8]

Another video, this one undercover, caught 2 Democratic operatives discussing committing fraud with unused ballots, while a third Democratic operative from yet another leftist group suggests that voting in multiple states is worth a try. [7]

Dead People Voting

A study by the Pew Center found that nearly 2 million dead people are registered to vote. And another 24 million registrations are invalid and or inaccurate. They also found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in multiple states. A good portion of this is due to bureaucratic incompetence, and a lot is also taken advantage of by unscrupulous partisan electioneers. What the Pew study failed to explain is that why - when dead people vote they vote almost exclusively Democratic. [9]

In NY City undercover agents went to 63 polling places in 2014 pretending to be voters who by all logic should have been turned away by election officials. The agents used the names of deceased or ineligible voters who had moved or were incarcerated. 97 percent of the time, the agents were permitted to vote. [11]

According to NY Newsday in 2013 - 26,000 dead people were registered to vote statewide.[10] Now it is certainly true that a good portion of that results from people passing away before their registry expires and that is to be expected, the death index is not tied into the voter registration system. Here's where the odd part comes in - it appears that in Nassau County, which is only one out of New York State 62 Counties 270 dead voters felt such a patriotic surge, that they found it necessary to climb out of their caskets and vote Democratic.

The Democratic defense to this was that it was error in identifying the person who actually voted. Curiously - the overwhelming majority of the dearly departed voted Democratic - whether or not they had been Republicans before their demise or not.


Voter Fraud is real and its rampant - it has swayed elections both big and small. FBI statistics report that only about 12% of burglaries are solved - the other 88% , the perpetrator gets away.

About 18% of larcenies are solved - the other 82% unsolved or unreported [11]

Voter Fraud - we can assume is in the same ballpark, 80% and perhaps more is never detected and or never reported - Does your vote really count ?

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