Sarah Palin

Pig in Lipstick or American Martyr

By Taylor Swift

Back in 2008, when Sarah Palin was thrust into the Spotlight as the GOP vice presidential nominee , absolute horror and panic was instilled in the hearts of the Socio-Fascist Liberal Progressive machine.
Sarah Palin American Icon

A highly intelligent charismatic and eloquent female conservative was intolerable to their perverted Worldview, she was a threat to left wing Feminist ideology, and the myth that they, and only they, held a monopoly on informed intelligent women.

A smear campaign, of monumental proportions was initiated, not unlike that perpetrated against Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the campaign against Sarah continues virtually unabated to this day. Sarah Palin is a Dangerous Woman, she is a threat to the Socialist Feminist Credo, a threat to Socio-Fascist Liberalism, and a threat to the Democratic Party.

The People loved her. Liberals hated her. She shattered the barriers of shady politics and became a larger-than-life public figure, a real woman, an American Mom devoid of the politically correct pompous feminist persona that the socio-fascist liberal machine demanded. And worse , much worse than imaginable , she was a conservative republican.

Every writer in the country was made aware that Palin's name in a headline or television segment, would instantly bolster ratings. The real trick lay in bolstering ratings while not bolstering Palin.

A component of the smear and intimidation campaign against Sarah Palin that began in 2008 employed tactics designed to devastate her personally as opposed to attacking her ideologically.  An ideological attack would bring to the forefront the true issues, personal attacks would forestall the true issues and facts ,on which the Democrats could never win in an honest debate.

A Series of personal attacks on her and her family were initiated as well as Troves of frivolous ethics complaints , which ultimately led to her strategic resignation from her Governmental position. Cited as reason for her resignation was the insane amount of time and resources that both she personally, as well as the state of Alaska had expended. 150 Freedom of Information Act requests and 15 frivolous legal ethics complaints, all filed by "political operatives" working tediously against her. None of the complaints bore any substance or resulted in any credible examples of wrong doing.

Sarah Palin Conservative Feminist

The liberal medias self proclaimed destiny to endorse, defend and promote their long awaited Messiah, Barrack Obama, was the catalyst that first launched the Anti-Sarah campaign.

The failures and chicanery of the Obama Regime were foretold by stifled voices in the shadows, those censored for the most part, by mainstream media {Or "lamestream media" as Ms. Palin refers to them} . Had mainstream media done their Jobs and worked within the ethical framework proclaimed by the Society of Professional Journalists [1] - had they reported Obamas ideology with accuracy instead of Sugar Coating it, had they reported his lack of experience, his shady associations, his questionable status as an American born Citizen, his questionable and eyebrow lifting list of overt and covert funders - than perhaps they would have gained some redemption in the eyes of the American Public. But then again, their Messiah more than likely never would have been anointed.

An American housewife, hockey mom, and successful career woman, Sarah Palin is a true independent thinker who refused to adhere to the rigid demands of canned leftist feminism. The New York Post called her "a feminist dream". The Wall Street Journal, coined the term "Sarah Palin Feminism".

She is truly the quintessential symbol of real gender equality who evokes instantaneous rabid responses from socio fascist feminists. One feminist blogger referred to her as a "pig in lipstick". Sexist Feminist writer Ann Friedman wrote:

In picking Palin, Republicans are lending credence to the sexist assumption that women voters are too stupid to investigate or care about the issues, and merely want to vote for someone who looks like them ... McCain has turned the idea of the first woman in the White House from a true moment of change to an empty pander.

Rebecca Traister, Author, panderer to lesbianism and blogger wrote:

Honestly Rebecca, I don't believe anyone who thinks of herself or other women as broads has very much self respect or respect for other women either.

Sarah Palin Media Target

Sarah Palin calls for conservative feminism. But rabid leftist feminists are irate and feel that she is hijacking their cause in the name of politics that restrict women's freedoms. Feminism can be defined as the advocacy of equality for women on the economic, political, and social grounds. Leftists have long framed the debate utilizing these basic principles that all women, and men as well, would readily agree upon.

Framing is a principle which suggests that people will have a different reaction to an idea when it is given a positive spin than they would if it was given a negative spin. Advertising professionals, public relations people and propagandists must possess a clear and concise knowledge and understanding of this concept to successfully spin their spiel. The implications of framing is that our decisions and opinions are based more on our predetermined attitudes rather than factual evidence. In communication, advertising and propaganda campaigns framing defines how the media and political propagandists will shape mass opinion. See: Brainwashing Techniques

In the case of leftist Feminism, the framing technique has served them well over the years . For instance, the National Organization for Women [NOW],  most people are well aware that it was/is a women rights group, few are aware that it is also a Lesbian controlled group. They garnered the support of Women and Men nationwide by framing the debate for Womens Rights, but evading their true agenda.

Charlotte Bunch, a socio-fascist radical feminist stated that

all feminists must be lesbians... Lesbians must become feminists and fight against woman oppression, just as feminists must become Lesbians if they hope to end male supremacy.... Race, class, and national oppressions come from men, serve ruling class white men's interests, and have no place in a woman-identified revolution....Changes which will have more than token effects on our lives will be led by women-identified Lesbians who understand the nature of our oppression and are therefore in a position to end it.

The National Take Our Children to Work Day is another example, it was initially started as Take Our Daughters to Work Day by rabid feminists, boys were excluded. Many feminists went bezerk when it was suggested that boys should be allowed to participate as well , but were forced to give in, as exclusion of boys sort of bent their frame and somewhat exposed the underlying agenda.

Some believe that Palin is making feminism the latest battleground for the so-called culture wars, leading conservative women, and in fact all free thinking women to revolt against the socio-fascists who claim to speak for all women.

Palin has encouraged women to swat off radical feminists like a bad bug , and proceed to a "new, conservative feminism". Her call has elicited raucous replies from liberal activists and propagandists, who claim Palin is just putting a facade on non Liberal policies.

Liberals despise Palin's brand of feminism, it breaks their frame. Palin and others like her are not just hijacking feminism, but are reclaiming an ideologically bankrupt movement started by women who simply sought social equality and the right to vote. Conservative women believe they are not capturing a movement but recapturing it from Leftist intruders who commandeered it to promote their insane agendas. The early American Feminists - Suffragettes - were highly intelligent women , comfortable with their feminine attributes, comfortable with being females . Modern leftist feminism is largely comprised of Self Loathing Lesbians and socially maladjusted quasi intellectual dupes.



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1.] Seek Truth and - Report It  Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting

Note: The Author of this article is not Taylor Swift the singer