Middle eastern money

Moslems Own the American Dream

How Islam Took Over Mom and Pop

By Rick Gordon

Ever wonder why almost all the "quickie Marts" and gas stations seem to be owned and operated by foreigners, mostly Muslims. I was always taught these people came from poor countries where they lived a nomadic lifestyle, rode camels, herded sheep and goats, cultivated subsistence crops and so forth.


Other than their oil rich ruling elite they lived a subsistence life style, at least that's the image imprinted by mass media over the years.

So how do they come to America and monopolize nearly all the small businesses, virtually excluding American entrepreneurs from certain sectors ?

Liberal Media likes to perpetuate the myth of the hard working immigrant, which when it comes to Moslems just doesn't gel. Mexicans, south Americans hard workers - you betcha, but middle easterners - how many middle easterners have you seen using a shovel or breaking a sweat ? Behind the counter at 7-11 perhaps, or even sitting on their asses in the drivers seat of a taxi but no not hard manual labor - that's for infidels.

Most of the American middle class eak out an existence, slaving their lives away in hopes of squirreling enough funds away to perhaps put the next generation through college, or at the very least to have enough resources to live out their golden years with dignity, in a peaceful and somewhat self reliant existence. .

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Young families at one time had a carrot dangled in their faces of a small business and independence. 7-11 one of the largest franchisers internationally started out offering franchises to American families and entrepreneurs back in the 60s and 70s, they would finance the franchise fees so long as you were able to put up a reasonable initial down payment. Those dreams are shattered, for Americans anyway - enter abdul the camel jockey and Ghannam the goat herder flush with resources and capital not available to the average American dreamer. Sorry Yankee - no soup for you !

Why should 7-11 finance the franchise fees for an American Dreamer when they have hoards of immigrants ready willing and able to plop down the full amount to secure a franchise - All Cash - basically stealing an opportunity from hard working Americans. 7-11, as well as other franchise operations no longer targets American families as franchisees, another step toward killing the American Dream.

It should have come as no surprise to Seven & I Holdings Co., the Japanese corporation that controls 7-11 when not long ago a number of their franchises were busted in several states for operating an illegal alien ring .....

"You may have heard about the raids, today, on 7-Eleven stores in several states across America, where the owners of the Slurpee purveyors ran a giant illegal alien and ID fraud ring and were indicted for it. What the mainstream media doesnttell you, though, is that almost ALL of the defendants involved in the ring are Pakistani Muslims (all of them but one). And almost all of them became naturalized citizens.
Thank allah for 7-Eleven: 8 of 9 Defendants Muslim in Multi-State Illegal Alien, ID Fraud Ring @ Slurpee Store

Homeland Security raid on a 7-11

So how do Abdul and Mohammed show up on our shores flush with the mega funding to take over and monopolize small business in America ? It is a fact than over 90 percent of refugees from the Moslem World are on food stamps and almost 70 percent receive Government cash assistance.

Yet magically, generally in a very short time period they pop up with the funding to buy up the businesses, small shops, gas stations, donuts and bagel shops, convenience stores, stationary stores that were all once the domain of American Dreamers - aka - Mom and Pop. And to boot, the Small Business Administration states that Immigrant-owned Businesses Start with More Capital than Non-immigrant-owned Businesses [1] - Browse around in your own little community - doesn't matter where anywhere in the USA or Canada and you betcha sweet bippy the majority of small businesses are Moslem owned.


There is most likely Imams, Shieks. Ayatollahs and ideologically oriented organizations such as Hamas and Isis furnishing large amounts of money to some of these people, it simply doesn't fit that indigent people miraculously pull ahead of hard working members of other ethnicities - it simply is not feasible.

Islamic Invasion Paperback – 2001

Arab entrepreneurs miraculously popping up with the cash that takes a lifetime for the average American worker to amass - through hard work and saving ??!! ... [LOL] believe that and there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. Somebody is bankrolling many of these people - clandestinely.

In addition to under the table financing, YOUR own Government is using YOUR money to exclude YOU from the American Dream.

US Government programs have been steered over the years to excluding whites, and favoring minorities. One would seem to believe that African Americans would be the beneficiaries of these Federal Loans and outright Grants - but no sir -contraire pierre ! Asians and Muslims are the primary recipients of grants of YOUR money for small business to enable seizing more of your money.

Where do the profits from these Moslem run Mom and Pop operations go ? Not necessarily to the mom and pop, the former goat herders and camel jockeys who now brew your morning joe at 7-11. As previously stated observant Moslems do not pay interest - a portion of any profit from a financed venture goes directly to the secret partner - The Imams and ayatollahs. In addition to the Halal loans, Islamic operatives within the Moslem communities engage in shakedowns of Moslem owned businesses .

These enterprises include, among others, mafia-style shakedowns of local Arab communities, sophisticated import-export scams involving traders from India and Hong Kong, and small-scale businesses that engage in a few thousand dollars worth of business but transfer tens of thousands of dollars around the globe. Hezbollah Finances Funding the Party of God

Halal Financing

When Satan dictated the Koran to Mohammed, one of the tenets he included was a prohibition against usury fees aka interest.

Compliant Moslems do not and will not pay interest on loans. And guess what - they get away with it.

Their mortgages and business loans are interest free. [A] murabaha sale is one in which there is no interest paid. Instead, the price of the object to be financed is known and the buyer agrees to pay a premium over that initial price. In such a contract, the financial institution must own the item at the time the customer buys it from the institution. Interest-Free Financing for U.S. Muslims

No-Interest Charge Cards are also Available, so long as you are Moslem and pay a small fee. - But sorry Infidel - No charge card for you - !!

1. https://www.sba.gov/content/immigrant-entrepreneurs-and-small-business-owners-and-their-access-financial-capital