Mexican Border Crisis

Adios America

Americas Southern border has become the Worlds Gateway to our country. Generations of Blood and sweat from our ancestors is being leeched away by our self serving Southern Neighbors who have no regard for America, it's heritage or the people who made it great.

African Americans , who rarely had the opportunity to reap the benefits of their ancestors sorrows are forced to sit by and watch as illegal aliens steal their Jobs and opportunities.  Working Class Americans , Union Laborers , who have indoctrinated into believing that the Union is their Savior, are  forced to sit by and watch their Jobs , their futures and their families futures being ripped away from them - by the very same politicians whom their Unions fight to put in office. 

However, disregarding all the evils of the Illegal Immigration crisis ,the Joke we call border security and horrors of Latino Criminal syndicates - the most immediate threat comes from the "Other than Mexican" invaders. Sleepers and Terrorists who delight in destroying America and harming Americans

The Department of Homeland Security has expended more energy producing propaganda in the last several years that attempts to frame patriot groups, such as the Tea Party and related pro-American groups as a threat to national security than they have expended in their entire existence, to combat the real threat - Islamic Terrorism.


One ISIS fighter Abdirahmaan Muhumed who worked at Minneapolis Airport actually had security clearance, unlimited access to the tarmac and to the planes. Something which a Tea Party Patriot could probably never hope to obtain. [1]

In 2012 DHS concocted a report that attempted to frame Patriots who are suspicious of centralized federal authority as extreme right-wing terrorists. They have largely ignored and down played Islamic terrorism, they do not even mention the World Trade Center bombing. The study zeroes in on Americans who hold conservative beliefs and attempts to frame them as radical extremists more dangerous than any foreign threat.

In 2011, they produced "Public Service Announcements", depicting non-Muslim Americans as terrorists. This certainly appears to be a deliberate effort by the Obama Regime to characterize conservative, middle class Americans as a threat to National Security.

"Its all part of the agenda to frame dissent against big government as dangerous radicalism"

Paul Watson



Meanwhile back at the Border

1. The Federal Government is putting up posters and advertising on Spanish Language Media that
former deportees are now welcome back in the USA

2. Grown Men are storming across the border claiming to be Children and demanding benefits and

3. The Obama Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is guaranteeing that illegal alien
immigrant workers are protected under the law - with or without work visas.

4. Islamic terrorist groups are operating in Mexican Border towns and sweeping across the border
infiltrating American Society with no fear of being caught .

 The federal government has agreed to advertise on Mexican and Spanish-language media outlets in California .This is the result of a class-action Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit instigated by the ACLU on behalf of deported illegal immigrants. The settlement effects Mexican and other foreign Nationals who have relatives who are California residents and foreign Children whose parents brought them here illegally. There were nearly 250,000 deportees , the Los Angeles Times estimates that the number of "repatriations" could reach into the hundreds or thousands. Basically anyone who made it across the border, got caught and was deported or voluntarily deported and has a living relative in California can come back - no questions asked. A Living Relative can be defined as a third cousin thrice removed or a sibling, parent etc... [2]



Islamic terrorist groups are operating in Mexican Border towns and sweeping across the border infiltrating American Society with no fear of being caught .  In the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez ISIS and Al Qaeda groups are concentrating their forces, infiltrating the USA and probably planning to attack the United States by varying methods. Judicial Watch reported recently on a warning bulletin regarding an imminent terrorist attack on the southern border. Agents from, a number of Government Security, and Defense agencies were all been placed on an elevated state of alert.

Judicial Watch sources revealed that the militant groups such as ISIS are confirmed to be operating in Ciudad Juarez, an infamously corrupt drug trafficking center directly across the border from El Paso, Texas. The Judicial Watch has also reported that the Obama Regime has attempted to cover up, and downplay serious crimes in the border region.

Heavily armed drug cartels have taken over portions of the region, on both sides of the border

The U.S. Border Patrol has even ordered their officers to avoid the cartel controlled areas because they are too dangerous [3]


30% of illegal crossers, Mexican Nationals, already have a criminal record when they come in [4]. But that's only a slight problem . The more serious threat lies with Moslems, which includes Moslem extremists, who can't gain access to the US by normal channels so are crossing the Mexican Border in droves, which in effect has become the "normal" channel.

Currency from Moslem countries , in particular Iranian currency as well as prayer rugs and items associated with Middle Eastern and Moslem cultures are regularly found along the southern border.

In August 2007 Mike McConnell, the one-time Director of National Intelligence stated that terrorists have used the Southern border to enter the US so as long as it is available. Under the Obama Regime the southern border has become increasingly convenient and readily available. From 2006 to 2011, there were nearly 2,000 apprehensions of "Other than Mexican" Moslem special interest aliens at our Southern border. Considering that most are never apprehended and make their way into the US and filter into society - how many do we have hiding in our midsts?

Los Angeles Fox 11 News reporter Gigi Graciette tweeted thatthree people on terrorist watch list were detained crossing the border illegally into California. Three were detained - how many slipped through undetected ?

In 2013 the number of apprehensions of "Other than Mexican" people illegally invading the U.S. from the Southern Border had increased by 27 percent, figures for 2014 are either unavailable or suppressed. Many of these Other than Mexican invaders are from other Latin American countries, such as Guatemala, Nicaragua and so forth. However included in the figures are the country of origin of 11,222 invaders which the Federal Govt. refuses to divulge statistics on.

In 2001, 5,251 "OTMs" were caught illegally crossing over from Mexico. After 9/11 in 2004 for
instance the numbers climbed to more than 35,000. Once apprehended -Mexicans are returned to Mexico to retrace their steps and eventually get across without being caught, however OTMs can not be returned to Mexico they are generally released from custody and told to voluntarily return on their court date, very few of them are seen or heard from again, they simply vanish into the populous.

In late 2014 the Media began reporting on hoards of unaccompanied "Immigrant Children" who seemed to all at once , gather themselves up and begin marching across the border. Liberalism rose to its usual status of useful idiocy and argued for these "kids". That somehow America must be responsible for them , feed them, clothe them, shelter them while American families are struggling to maintain a reasonable standard of living.  Charity has its limits, the clowns in who are screaming we part with our rights and hard earned money are the very same clowns who for the most part never put in an honest days work in their lives.

Suddenly, almost as feverishly as it began , the "Children" seemed to disappear. What Happened ?! 

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson spoke out in a report for Sinclair TV - she noted that since the border crisis began, three military facilities designated as housing for more than 7,700 unaccompanied, foreign children have all been closed, no one can say where the kids went. The only answers offered by the Obama Regime is that "privacy and safety concerns" make it necessary to protect their location.

WE don't know where most of these kids went, and probably never will, but what we do know is that many of them weren't actually kids. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy of Lynn Massachusetts stated that some of the so-called children the Federal Govt. tried to force on her town were actually grown men well over the maximum age for public education. Some of them had graying hair and "more wrinkles than I have." They claimed to be between 14 and 17 years old. But, she stated: "They are not all children." The Mayor from Lynn, Massachusetts made the claims at a press conference hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in Washington, D.C.


1. ISIS fighter worked at Minneapolis airport

2.Feds to Run Ads In Border Towns Informing Deported Illegals They Can Return

3.Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning Update: Ft. Bliss Increases Security

4.Other Than Mexicans The Terrorist Threat Across Our Border


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