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Hollywood Rewrites History

Thin Line Between History and Hollywood Fantasy

Research has proven that film, movies, are perhaps the most powerful teaching instrument available, the problem lies in what they are teaching.

Andrew Butler, a researcher from Washington University in St Louis conducted a study in which he demonstrated the effects of many films on children, in particular films dealing with Historical topics.

He proved that films can vastly increase a childs historical knowledge, however, the film media is so powerful and the visualized narrative so much more convincing, that films present and deeply imbed false images in the childs mind and psyche. See: Andrew Butler


When the factual presentation is incorrect , and at times blatantly so, the pupils are more apt to believe the false scenario presented in a visual format [The Movie] even if they are told otherwise by texts and teachers. Even when presented with the correct version in a textbook, they most frequently remember what was in the film not what was in their book, or what their teacher told them.

"When information in the film was consistent with information in the text, watching the film clips increased correct recall by about 50 per cent relative to reading the text alone ...when information in the film directly contradicted the text, people often falsely recalled the misinformation portrayed in the film" Butler Stated.


This is true of Adults as well as Children, they are more apt to remember and believe what they are presented - when it is presented in an audio-visual format. Movies and Television being the primary offenders.

Hollywood Limousine Liberals and social engineers are well aware of this and have for the past several decades produced a steady stream of misinformation in fantasy format, as well as historical fantasy masquerading as fact. A steady stream of False Narratives

These go beyond the acceptable realm of artistic license and cross the borders of decency into the realm of deliberate deception designed to alter the public perception of reality and advance misguided and devious agendas.

The Butler - One good example is Lee Daniels The Butler which takes the viewer on a decades long magical mystery tour through a world of liberal indoctrination and logical fallacies. It is a red herring creating false scenario after false scenario and presenting them as fact. The only fact about this Big Screen Flop is that it is about 80% Fiction backed up by 10% fact propped up by 10% speculation. See: The Butler

Another fairly good example of rewriting history is "The Newsroom"; on HBO which refers to the Tea Party as the "American Taliban" and Occupy Wall Street as the American Version of the Arab Spring. Greg Gutfeld of Fox called it a Liberal Fantasy and stated .. If Newsroom covered Roman Polanskis crimes, theyd change the 13-year-old girl to 13-year-old Scotch See: Deadline Hollywood HBOs The Newsroom Slammed By Fox News As Liberal Fantasy: Video

The Untold History of the United States is a collection of distorted History and blatant left wing propaganda derived from the warped mind of none other than the man who brought you the tripe trash films JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone. It attempts to depict the United States as humanities nemesis, the evil avatar of Satan himself. Some of the heroes of this ludicrous attempt at rewriting History include Lenin, Stalin and Sadaam Hussein. Another Oliver Stone work vomited at the American Public in the early 90s was JFK , which one columnist described as several hours of shameless propaganda. See: John Leo - Oliver Stones Paranoid Propaganda

Stone utilized every form of propagandizing deceit available for this red thesis. He attempts to invent a scenario where Kennedy was assassinated by the Military-Industrial Complex for attempting to ease Cold War Tensions. When in fact it is well known that Kennedy was assassinated by Left Wing Communists, one of whom was Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Roots saga by Alex Haley - where Kunta Kinte, the Authors supposed ancestor went off into the woods to fetch wood for a drum, was captured by slavers never to be seen in Africa again.

Alex Haley first claimed this to be a true and researched portrayal of his ancestor[s]. However it was later proven that Kinte's life was apparently taken from a fictional book, The AfricanThe African Paperback September, 1993 by Harold Courlander, and Haley was sued for Plagiarism. Neither Haley or Courlander, Author of the African acknowledged the fact that slaves taken in the way Kunta Kinte was taken were an extreme rarity.

In fact most slaves arriving on American shores were purchased from other Africans and Arab traders who believed it perfectly acceptable to enslave Non-Moslems [And still do to this day]. The saga portrays White America as the evil nemesis of the African American , paints a false portrait that claims to be historically accurate and is sadly, still believed by many to be true and accurate. See: True Roots of Slavery in the USA