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And Other Liberal Left Media Atrocities


The Butler is the story of Eugene Allen  {although he is called Cecil Gaines in the film}, a Black American who worked as the White House Butler from the Truman administration till the  Reagan Administration. The film begins with a scene of a nine-year-old butler to be, watching his mother being raped by a white man, it continues with his father being shot dead in front of dozens of black witnesses, by a white man. None of this ever happened.  He was born and raised in Virginia, not Verdana all the racist material was weaved in by the spin masters, that's not to say that such things didn't happen to Blacks in the South during the era portrayed , but it didn't happen to this Black man.

Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind

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Extreme tension between the butler and his son over civil rights issues dominates a large part of the films drama . In reality the butlers son Charles Allen was not a  political activist as portrayed in the movie. He worked for the State Department, he was never a Black Panther, and never ran for political office.

" Across the political spectrum, historians, biographers, and former Reagan aides have condemned the movies outrageous caricature of Ronald Reagan as historically inaccurate and personally unfair, many noting that the president didnt have a racist bone in his body and was actually remarkable in his sensitivities and warmness to blacks and other minorities.   As expected, while film critics have generally praised “The Butler,... there is palpable anger over what is perceived to be an ideologically driven attack on a man that Americans consistently tell pollsters is their favorite president of all time. " Forbes 8/2013

The real agenda of the Movie however is in it's portrayal of Ronald Reagan. Reagan, one the Greatest leaders of our lifetime, the president whose policies were responsible for the dissolution of the evil empire {Soviet Union}, tearing down of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain, and domestically for the unprecedented prosperity of the 80s and 90s - which incidentally Liberals falsely try to attribute to Slick Willy - Bill Clinton {lmfao} . 

The butler is invited by Reagan to attend a state dinner. The butler is portrayed as extremely uncomfortable and complains that he's being used , a token "nigger". The movie has him resigning his White House job because of his humiliation and disgust with Reagan's racism. In reality, although the State Dinner did occur - the rest is more liberal dung thrown in by the Spin masters . In reality Eugene Allen kept signed photos of Reagan in his living roomwhile pictures of the other presidents he had worked for hung in the basement.

Lee Daniels last film, the Paper Boy, another thinly veiled and poorly executed attempt at propagandizing and stereotyping was a flop. Although I will credit his 2001 film "Monsters Ball"  as a great romantic drama well worthy of the academy award won by Halle Berry.  It never claimed to be anything other than fiction, unlike the Butler, which is pure fiction masquerading as History.


Some Other Blatantly Distorted Examples of Liberal Media Brainwashing include :

The Bourne Ultimatum - a vile and libelous attack against the Bush Administration and the war on terrorism."...a liberal fantasy, where the bad CIA leaders get punished for .. waterboarding, "experimental interrogations," "rendition" and the manipulation of American soldiers' minds ..." Anthony Kauffman Huffingtron Post

2000 - The Contender - Pro-Al Gore propaganda film by leftist studio executives .

2004    Fahrenheit 9/11 - A Michael Moore movie {Need I say Moore ?},  warped view of how the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US were manipulated by then President Bush to initiate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael Moore is devious leftist manipulator , his tactics have been exposed by Dr. Kelton Rhoads, they include Omissions, Contextualization, Ingroup/Outgroup Manipulations, Cynicism, Traps, Manipulating Cause & Effect, Modeling the Convert Communicator, Pacing and Distraction, Associations, Numeric Deceptions,"Shutting Down the Opposition" See:Dr. Kelton Rhoads Propoganda Tactics and Farenheit 9/11

2004 - Motorcycle Diaries - Glorifies the Homicidal Communist Che Gueverra "The Butcher of La Caba.

2005 - V for Vendetta promotes socialism, communism and homosexuality -

2008 Milk-  pro-gay bio of gay activist homosexual politician Harvey Milk.  Sean Penn

2008 Recount  HBO movie re: 2000 Presidential elections . Claims the Republicans stole the election. Republicans as usual are portrayed as villanous, treachorous and devious. Warren Christopher and James Baker state the films portrayals are ridiculously false.

2007 Redacted  Anti-Iraq War fiction film . The film is blamed for inspiring a terror attack that killed two U.S. soldiers in Germany. Funded by lunatic leftist entrepreneur Mark Cuban . An Islamist propaganda video was posted {long since deleted} on YouTube. The German-language version was under the title "American Soldiers Rape our Sisters!  begins with footage taken from Redacted,  depicting G.I.s invading a family's home and raping a young girl. Gunfire can be heard and a soldier on camera says: "I f-----g killed them all."  The footage in reality comes from Redacted.  This trash fromBrian DePalma was made to look as if it was being filmed by an amateur cameraman/soldier - it was pure malarkey.

2010 Fair Game - Another attack on George Bush -Sean Penn

2012 Game Change is a poorly executed politically charged assault on Sara Palin.   HBO, when it released the film claimed  "{Game Change} is a balanced portrayal of the McCain/Palin campaign."  In reality it is a rabid character assassination against a woman the Democratic establishment has tremendous fear of, she is a highly intelligent, well spoken, extremely competent leader who bats for the right wing - not Liberalism - this they find intolerable. Any non Liberals are portrayed in a negative light. "... the McCain/Palin rallies depict unhinged men yelling "terrorist" and "he's a Muslim" at the mention of Obama's name." Top Ten Lies Game Change   Many of the same tactics described by Dr Kelton Rhoads {See Farenheit 9/11  above} are used in this film , but not as brilliantly.

2012 Zero Dark Thirty  Glorifies Obama, almost completely ignores the significant role Bush had in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

2013  Elysium is a Sci-Fi thriller set in a not so utopian futuristic society where the ruling class has fled for a space station named Elysium. The Earth has deteriorated to a point that it is only marginally inhabitable. The evil wealthy venture to the Earths surface only to oversee their corrupted corporations and wreak havoc among the masses. 

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