Isis across border

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ISIS in America

Jihadist Sleeper Cells in the United States.

Isis in America

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That ISIS , Al-Qaeda and similar Jihadists are in our midst is certain, it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. They have taken advantage of our gullibility and hospitality. They have infiltrated our military, received free educations in our schools , and suckled the warm teats of our liberty, prosperity and hospitality. They are hiding amongst us, in plain sight. Hey Welcome to America


As per Bob Baer , CNN national security analyst and former CIA operative The people who collect tactical intelligence on the ground, day-to-day and this is not Washington but people collecting this stuff say they are here, ISIS is here, they are capable of striking

How did they get here ?

Some came legally , under our overly hospitable Liberal immigration policies, others have been freely slipping across our Southern border on a steady basis , and still others are home grown -second generation Moslems and American converts to Islam - simple minded useful idiots

Much the same as the folks looking for meaning and purpose who joined the Mansons, the Moonies, the comet cults , and took their last stand guzzling kool-aid in Jonestown Guyana.


America has no shortage of useful idiots - the defunct Occupy movement is more living proof of that.  [See:Home Grown Jihadists]

The ones that aren't home grown, the infiltrators hiding behind the 7-11 counter, driving the Taxis, posing as students while taking advantage of our schools and universities, in much the same way asBarrack Obama did when he was pretending to be Barry Sotero - in order toreap the benefits of our generosity.

As per Former Texas Governor Rick Perry -We know that there are individuals from countries that have terrorist ties that are being apprehended and we had reports of record high numbers of those individuals who were coming in back in the summer [National Review Online]

Meanwhile - just across the Mexican border, at the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, ISIS and Al Qaeda groups are concentrating their forces. Judicial Watch reported recently on a warning bulletin regarding an imminent terrorist attack on the southern border. Agents from, a number of Government Security, and Defense agencies were all been placed on an elevated state of alert.

Judicial Watch sources revealed that the militant groups such as ISIS are confirmed to be operating in Ciudad Juarez, an infamously corrupt drug trafficking center directly across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter stated that at least 10 ISIS affiliated terrorists were caught trying to cross the border into Texas. That's just the ones that were caught over a short period of time - that's not the ones that slipped through due to lackadaisical border security over an extended period of time.

Democratic congressman Beto ORourke has stated that there is no evidence that ISIS is operating along the border. That's right , nothing to see here , move along.


Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad Paperback May 4, 2015DVD - Download Runtime: 1 hour, 12 minutes

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