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Home Grown Jihadists


Conservative estimates state that about 100 young home-grown Jihadists, are training to become the "enemy within" by Radical Islamic groups such as ISIS operating in the Middle East. [1] Currently within the United States and Canada it is unknown exactly how many Jihadists are hiding in our midst awaiting the opportunity to pounce, it is certain however that they are here - no, I'm not chicken little and yes the sky may actually be falling in much the same fashion it did back in September 2001 . But that was a long time ago wasn't it ? And it could never happen here in America .... well not again anyway .... could it ?

Sami Amin Al-Arian , a Palestinian-American activist who was once a computer engineering professor at University of South Florida. He was indicted in February 2003 on 17 counts under the Patriot Act. A grand jury acquitted him on 8 counts and deadlocked on the remaining 9 counts. He later struck a plea bargain and admitted to one of the remaining charges in exchange for being released and deported by April 2007.


Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Al-Arian appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss Arab-American reactions to the Terror attacks. Oreilly confronted him with a 1988 recording of him shouting "death to Israel". Al-Arian attempted to sugar coat his involvement with terrorist groups. In early 2003 the U.S. Department of Justice arrested him as the alleged leader of the Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the U.S. Liberal legal counsel rushed to his aid , and despite ample evidence he was never convicted but instead struck a plea deal.

Then Attorney General John Ashcroft said that Al-Arian and his co-defendants played "a substantial role in international terrorism. ....They finance ... and assist acts of terror. Our message to them is clear: We make no distinction between those who carry out terrorist attacks, and those who knowingly finance, manage, or supervise terrorist organizations.[2]

Minnesota seems to be a hot spot for Jihadi-Americans.  AS per the FBI Cabdulaahi Ahmed Faarax recruited Somali Americans in Minnesota to be jihadists.  In 2007 he told family members he was helping his sister move to Kenya, but while there he made his way across the border to Somalia, in much the same way other Jihadists make their way across our southern border [See: Mexican Border] and joined up with other Jihadists. In 2009 he returned to Minnesota and began recruiting other wanna be Jihadists from the Somali community in Minnesota.


By late 2009, he found himself on a no-fly list in the US, and fled across the Mexican border. The day after Faarax crossed into Mexico, the FBI filed terrorism charges against him.

Muhamud Said Omar, the janitor from the mosque to which Cabdulaahi Ahmed Faarax belonged, was convicted in 2012 of aiding foreign terrorism, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Prosecutors asked for 50 years, but Liberalism reigns in our bizarre Justice system. Defendants usually serve 85% of their sentences in federal cases, which would leave Muhamud a free man circa 2025. His fellow American Hating Jihadists can take solice in the fact that he is most certainly continuing his recruiting activities within the confines of the Prison System, and many of his fellow cons will be free long before he is.

Kamal Said Hassan,also of Minneapolis, plead guilty in 2009 to aiding terrorism and lying to the FBI, he was sentenced to 10 years.


In 2010, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-who became a naturalized American citizen drove an SUV loaded with explosives, parked it in Times Square, New York - set the detonator and walked away. He took a train back to his apartment. When the bomb failed to ignite and was discovered, investigators found him easily through the SUVs VIN #. On 3 May he attempted to flee to the Middle East, he was on a flight to Dubai that had just pulled away from the gate but had not yet been cleared for take-off when he was apprehended. Shahzad had reaped all the benefits America had to offer , he was earning 50,000 a year at a job that American Generosity had educated him for, living off the fat of American prosperity secured by the blood and sweat of generations of Americans, and in return he sought to extract more American Blood . Your welcome Faisal- You and Joe Biden can have a conversation at the "Gates of Hell" .

22-year-old Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, a Florida college dropout died in a suicide attack on Syrian troops in May. He recorded an eye opening video before his final mission for ISIS . In the video, he rips up his American passport and warns that America is not safe.

In addition to Foreigners squatting in our country awaiting the opportunity to slaughter us, we have our own home grown useful idiots. American Bornand bred. According to a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group[3], statistically speaking, the most likely to be a Muslim terrorist are whites born in the USA. Now also consider the fact that none of the attacks and a miniscule amount of the perpetrators of acts of terrorism and attempted acts are white Americans we can safely assume that the report is somewhat tainted Liberal Hogwash designed to placate the American Public and forestall resentment or any backlash against Moslem Americans - I mean just because they're trying to kill us and our unborn children and grand Children - why should we resent them ? - Go Figure.

The report goes on to claim that 21% of Home Grown Jihadists are disillusioned whites, but fails to explain at how they arrived at those statistics. The report also claims that 31% are Somali immigrants. Given our experience with the Minnesota sleeper cell, the numbers in that case may be closer to accuracy. But we must still concede the fact that many Jihadists in America are not the guys behind the 7-11 counter or driving Taxis in our cities. Some are the blonde haired - blue eyed idiot in your High School Class room searching for meaning to their unfulfilled empty lives . Just like the Moonies and Jim Jones followers - lost souls.
Take the case of Jihad Jane also known as Fatima LaRose. An American who was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for terrorism-related activities, such as conspiracy to commit murder and providing material support to terrorists. 7 of her alleged co-conspirators were arrested in Ireland. One of her co-defendants was Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, another American from Colorado, who was recruited by LaRose. Jihad Jane was convicted in January, 2014, and sentenced to 10 years.[4]

Daniel Patrick Boyd a Virginian, trained with the mujahideen who fought the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, converted to Islam and took the Muslim name Saifullah meaning "Sword of God". He ran into some trouble in Pakistan in the 90s when it is alleged that he attempted to rob a bank , but was eventually exonerated and returned to the US.

In the summer of 2009, Boyd was arrested along with seven co conspirators in North Carolina and charged with plotting to wage violent jihad outside the US. According to the indictment, members of the group practiced military tactics and the use of weapons in rural North Carolina, and traveled to the Middle East hoping to engage in violent jihad.[5]

John Walker Lindh -An American Idiot from [lol] California, when Lindh came of age ,16,in his affluent California suburb, the moonies and flower children were oh so Passe. The Kool Aid had already been handed out in Jonestown so Lindh chose the cult of Islam. He was captured by American Forces fighting in Afghanistan, participated in the murder of at least one American - a CIA operative at his POW camp and who knows how many more in the field. He accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to 20 years without parole when he was returned to the USA.

Nidal Malik Hasan -An American military officer who killed 13 people and injured more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting in 2009. Hasan is incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas awaiting execution while his case is reviewed by appellate courts.

Rachel Corrie, from Olympia , Washington was not a terrorist, but was a member of the pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She was killed by an Israel Defense Force armored vehicle in a combat zone in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. The circumstances of this useful idiots Death were questionable.

Don Morgan - a former Catholic who once aspired to joining the Army special forces, failed as a Cop, served 2 years in prison after firing a gun into a crowded restaurant. He was en-route to join ISIS when he was apprehended in Istanbul, Turkey. [6]

The list goes on , and of course only includes those apprehended. There are many more, both American and foreign born living in America and reaping the benefits of her abundance while plotting harm to her citizenry.


American Citizens who traveled to the Middle East to join ISIS and other Jihadist groups, they're traitors so far as myself and any sane Americans are concerned - right ?. Our hopes are that they perish in the same fashion as the handful of Americans already recorded as killed in action fighting for ISIS - buts let assume they survive and want to come back to the USA -we know that they'll be able to slip back across our southern border if they so desire, but why would they bother ?    As per Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann these jihadists will be permitted to return to the United States.

"I had gone earlier this year and asked the FBI, Are there any Minnesotans that are over fighting with ISIS? It was classified information at the time, I couldn't reveal it. Now everyone knows....At the time, these two hadn't been killed yet.... So .. once they're done fighting with ISIS, what's going to happen if they try to return?' And they said, Well, they'll come into the country....Are you kidding me ? ...We are not going to prevent them from coming into the United States?  [ Michele Bachmann With Glenn Beck On ISIS - Video ]  Some reports state about 100 so-called Americans are fighting for ISIS and some as much as 300 of these bastards could be returning to America - Allah Akbar indeed.   US intelligence: 300 Americans fighting alongside Islamic State


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