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Border Crisis

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Americas Southern border has become the Worlds Gateway to our country. Generations of Blood and sweat from our ancestors is being leeched away by our self serving Southern Neighbors who have no regard for America, it's heritage or the people who made it great.

African Americans , who rarely had the opportunity to reap the benefits of their ancestors sorrows are forced to sit by and watch as illegal aliens steal their Jobs and opportunities.  Working Class Americans , Union Laborers , who have been indoctrinated into believing that the Union is their Savior, are  forced to sit by and watch their Jobs , their futures and their families futures being ripped away from them - by the very same Democratic politicians whom their Unions fight to put in office. 


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According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, Border Patrol agents ordered Mexican nationals to stop, but they refused, laughed, jeered and simply continued walking across the border. Officials said that an agent fired a PepperBall Launcher, but the mob was undeterred.

Apparently, the mob was organized and their intent was to create a media incident. They had cell phones out  and videos being made. "They had their phones out so this group was out to spark an incident....Had cooler heads not prevailed it could have ended much worse "  as per Border Patrol Union representative Gabriel Pacheco .  Reinforcements arrived, but the Border Patrol was grossly outnumbered and the mob became increasingly. Border Patrol Agents were pelted with Rocks and bottles. One Agent was smashed in the head with a bottle. 

As the Obama regime threatens amnesty to the detriment of the American People, border crossings have increased dramatically.

Earlier this week, an illegal alien was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the brutal murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, who was murdered by a group of Mexicans along the border fence. They were attempting to steal his night vision goggles. They succeeded ,murdered him and stole his equipment. Rosas is survived by his wife and two children.

"A group of five armed men had traveled in Mexico to the U.S.-Mexico border with the intent of robbing a Border Patrol agent. Three of the men crossed into the United States while the remaining two men remained in Mexico to act as lookouts.

The three men who crossed into the United States setup and ambush and lured Agent Rosas out of his vehicle. He was shot multiple times before the men robbed him of his gear bag, handcuffs, firearm, and night vision goggles."  http://www.odmp.org/