Lunacy of Liberal Progressive  Manipulation

Covert Agendas and The Collapse of America

 "In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."  - George Orwell


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Bashing Trump in the Classroom

During the Obama years, Teachers routinely forced students to sing the praise of the Leftist leader, In some instances kids were chastised and threatened if they dared to betray a patriotic sentiment or Heaven forbid, an anti-Obama opinion.

As the Trump administration struggles to undo 8 years of incompetent Government and weed out the socialist globalist agenda woven into the fabric of our Government. Obama / Soros minions and useful idiots in the educational system have gone into overdrive to degrade and destroy our President, and as is usually the case, to instill their warped mindset on our children.

Students Exposing Leftist Teachers

Indoctrination Unmasked - A conservative organization, Turning Point USA comprised of High School and college students has begun compiling a database of college professors involved in indoctrination of students and discrimination against non-compliant students, students that fail to conform to the left wing conversion regimen being force fed to young people under the guise of education.

Their database available at is more than a list of bizarre leftist lunatics and pied pipers posing as professors, it is documented and factually based.

Snopes Lies got its start in 1995, lacking any competition it rose in popularity. It owners were amateur 'sleuths' who enjoyed debunking Urban Legends and bogus myths. They had zero investigative experience.

In recent years the site has been heavily infiltrated by left leaning activists who have been laughingly defending the totalitarian cravings of the Progressive movement. As a political fact checker they have failed miserably.

Newspeak - Enforcing Conformity through Political Correctness


In the current reality Big Brother aka the Government, behind the curtain the ruling elite, seek to control all facets of life and seek to control free thought as well. Newspeak is a tool they use, it is gradually becoming part of the linguistic norm. It is a manipulation of language created by the Liberal fascists to stifle free and independent thought outside of approved guidelines.